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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BF: new release still doesn't come

Comeback after a long absence,
without significant innovations in the game design, unfortunately. The effects are very small so far, and it is difficult at the moment to think that they could be a the reason for creating a new update for this project. 

The basic plan, which I had after the last update, and for which I was urged (though I personally also had it in my head), was to create a dodging system for fighting characters. This contrivance is planned to spice up the fighting mode. Currently, our warriors can only stand facing each other and fight until the final effect. Defend ability could change this situation by adding a little bit of strategic thinking. 

Making a dodging system for a player's fighter is much simpler than for computer. The first was almost ready yet after my absence, and looks good. Although I used the dodge graphic for defending movement made as fast as I could, but that was enough I think. The biggest problem will be in the middle of doing the same thing for the rival AI. In the future, it will replace the red kamikaze with the red, reasonable warrior. But it will not be easy...

Interchangeably with gameplay, I started designing all backgrounds for Backyard Fighter , step by step. Only one is already done, but in the informal communities, it received nice opinions.
For now, I would not want to make a fuss, putting a sample of my work too early. Although if there is any eager and curious man, it will not be a problem to publish it.

See you next time, not so late, I hope...

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  1. Thought I'd pop by your site and was glad to see that you've returned. Looking forward to updates for your game. Good to have you back.