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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BF: new release still doesn't come

Comeback after a long absence,
without significant innovations in the game design, unfortunately. The effects are very small so far, and it is difficult at the moment to think that they could be a the reason for creating a new update for this project. 

The basic plan, which I had after the last update, and for which I was urged (though I personally also had it in my head), was to create a dodging system for fighting characters. This contrivance is planned to spice up the fighting mode. Currently, our warriors can only stand facing each other and fight until the final effect. Defend ability could change this situation by adding a little bit of strategic thinking. 

Making a dodging system for a player's fighter is much simpler than for computer. The first was almost ready yet after my absence, and looks good. Although I used the dodge graphic for defending movement made as fast as I could, but that was enough I think. The biggest problem will be in the middle of doing the same thing for the rival AI. In the future, it will replace the red kamikaze with the red, reasonable warrior. But it will not be easy...

Interchangeably with gameplay, I started designing all backgrounds for Backyard Fighter , step by step. Only one is already done, but in the informal communities, it received nice opinions.
For now, I would not want to make a fuss, putting a sample of my work too early. Although if there is any eager and curious man, it will not be a problem to publish it.

See you next time, not so late, I hope...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Backyard Fighter - new release

In addition to such certainties, like death, taxes, and that excess of coffee is harmful for the liver, now after many long evenings I can say that there is another certain thing - the version no. 0.2 of Backyard Fighter is ready and downloadable. There are some improvements in comparision with previous version. These changes were made primarily for correctness of playing our game.

What's new in this release?

-Now we have a full interactive menu, so not only "start" option will work
-I think I removed all the errors that appear in the game (and certainly those that made it impossible to continue the game), like: punching when he's flying, unusual red's speed, red can't knock to the ground after punch when he's walking etc.
-I've changed background, (It's also too simple, but I think it looks better than the first one)
-Unactive Space bar ;]

And unfortunately that's all. I've spent too much time for trouble shooting, so I have an impression that this project didn't move forward. Although I began preliminary sketches of new (additional) characters, but the way to finishing and implementing of them is still long. Neverthless, this is what I would like to announce for next version of this game - 0.3


Friday, October 26, 2012

Foretaste of version 0.2 - Backyard Fighter video

Last time Backyard Fighter screen showed that the game is still in its early stage of development. This hasn't changed, because all of my last effort went towards improving the game menu and removing some bugs from fighting mechanism. The fight looks much better now, but you can still discern in it a few mistakes, which is not so easy to get rid of. Only after eliminating all the errors in the Backyard Fighter I will be thinking about arranging the fighting system so that it could be expanded on the new characters with different parameters of skills, and will also put this mechanism in next games.

I would like to eliminate all the bugs of the fight mechanism before releasing version 0.2 of a game, but now you can see the recording of this version. It is available below.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mysterious suprise avaible now! | Backyard Fighter (early demo)

After Cubes'n Blocks, now is the moment to publish a new project with first included people in SB's history. And this is the first step of tending to tie up with my favourite 2D games genre.

I put my new project called Backyard Fighter. A few words about it's history - This game was started in 2011, In view of the game making battle organized by Time to complete the game was 24 hours, and in this time I could make only character animations that have been abandoned after a failed part in the battle. I tried to finish this project several times, but I couldn't cope with this challenge. It is in fact a game of the "fighting" genre and therefore it requires a lot of work. But starting your adventure with Scirra's Construct, I found a couple of solutions for the problems with the game, which led to the intensification of work on Backyard Fighter. 

Actually it's an early demo of the game (version 0.1). I decided to inform you about some features of my project:

- two lcharacters drawed (a red fighter is a clone of the first; already in low quality)
- temporary animated background
- fighting engine with enemy's AI
- some SFX included (the only someone else's creation;
- animated title screen
- menu with drawed fighter on the left
- others visible in the game

This game has some bugs to fix, I'm still wondering how to do it well. I hope all of them, and new many features will be visible in a new release (0.2). 


Saturday, September 15, 2012

New suprise are coming...

Until recently, as we could see on the photo slider on the top of blog, the mysterious game was Cubes'n Blocks released in late August . Although Johnny Dansing project will not be interrupted, I decided to take the opportunity to complete another project. I tried to come back to this project in the past many times, but to no avail, because of the lack of my skills to complete it. Now I came back to it after a long break, and fortunately I made a great success. About the project for the time being I can only say that it is in the area of ​​my favorite 2D games genre, quite difficult to create. Despite this, I managed to get a satisfactory result, which, despite the fact that he would not hope to match with the leading productions, it is already a big forward step, which I gladly will use in the future.

Friday, September 7, 2012

External resources now available here!

On the right of the column news from today they are available the links to external resources. So far there is little information in that places, but I can promise that soon I will finish completing my Scirra forum's profile and adding pictures on DeviantArt.

On Youtube channel for now you can find a trailer for the game Johnny Dansing. For an own place in there are waiting various images that are currently put in various places in the internet and my computer and have no common adress. In turn, the Scirra's forum for me now the biggest place where I can derive inspirations and observing the indie games created by great artists in Construct. In this software, "Cubes'n Blocks" arised and new projects will be created here too, but there are waiting for me many other productions outside the Scirra's environment.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making of Johnny Dansing close to completion, but not yet so close

I can't say that it's close to finish this game. Is still some key things that are important for this game. The first factor is the music - music for dance. I tried to make something, but my songs fit more for an action game than the dancing game. I'm going to follow in the footsteps of many independent developers and ask for permission to insert other people's music. In order to let you know what I am actually looking for, I might add, that among the candidates for the song to my game is a remix of the "Dancing Queen" song of legendary band "Abba". In addition, the implemented songs require adjustment to them directions of the arrows, similar to those that you remember in the "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas".

So it's time to keep moving forward!