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Friday, October 26, 2012

Foretaste of version 0.2 - Backyard Fighter video

Last time Backyard Fighter screen showed that the game is still in its early stage of development. This hasn't changed, because all of my last effort went towards improving the game menu and removing some bugs from fighting mechanism. The fight looks much better now, but you can still discern in it a few mistakes, which is not so easy to get rid of. Only after eliminating all the errors in the Backyard Fighter I will be thinking about arranging the fighting system so that it could be expanded on the new characters with different parameters of skills, and will also put this mechanism in next games.

I would like to eliminate all the bugs of the fight mechanism before releasing version 0.2 of a game, but now you can see the recording of this version. It is available below.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mysterious suprise avaible now! | Backyard Fighter (early demo)

After Cubes'n Blocks, now is the moment to publish a new project with first included people in SB's history. And this is the first step of tending to tie up with my favourite 2D games genre.

I put my new project called Backyard Fighter. A few words about it's history - This game was started in 2011, In view of the game making battle organized by Time to complete the game was 24 hours, and in this time I could make only character animations that have been abandoned after a failed part in the battle. I tried to finish this project several times, but I couldn't cope with this challenge. It is in fact a game of the "fighting" genre and therefore it requires a lot of work. But starting your adventure with Scirra's Construct, I found a couple of solutions for the problems with the game, which led to the intensification of work on Backyard Fighter. 

Actually it's an early demo of the game (version 0.1). I decided to inform you about some features of my project:

- two lcharacters drawed (a red fighter is a clone of the first; already in low quality)
- temporary animated background
- fighting engine with enemy's AI
- some SFX included (the only someone else's creation;
- animated title screen
- menu with drawed fighter on the left
- others visible in the game

This game has some bugs to fix, I'm still wondering how to do it well. I hope all of them, and new many features will be visible in a new release (0.2).