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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mysterious suprise avaible now! | Backyard Fighter (early demo)

After Cubes'n Blocks, now is the moment to publish a new project with first included people in SB's history. And this is the first step of tending to tie up with my favourite 2D games genre.

I put my new project called Backyard Fighter. A few words about it's history - This game was started in 2011, In view of the game making battle organized by Time to complete the game was 24 hours, and in this time I could make only character animations that have been abandoned after a failed part in the battle. I tried to finish this project several times, but I couldn't cope with this challenge. It is in fact a game of the "fighting" genre and therefore it requires a lot of work. But starting your adventure with Scirra's Construct, I found a couple of solutions for the problems with the game, which led to the intensification of work on Backyard Fighter. 

Actually it's an early demo of the game (version 0.1). I decided to inform you about some features of my project:

- two lcharacters drawed (a red fighter is a clone of the first; already in low quality)
- temporary animated background
- fighting engine with enemy's AI
- some SFX included (the only someone else's creation;
- animated title screen
- menu with drawed fighter on the left
- others visible in the game

This game has some bugs to fix, I'm still wondering how to do it well. I hope all of them, and new many features will be visible in a new release (0.2). 


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