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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Backyard Fighter - new release

In addition to such certainties, like death, taxes, and that excess of coffee is harmful for the liver, now after many long evenings I can say that there is another certain thing - the version no. 0.2 of Backyard Fighter is ready and downloadable. There are some improvements in comparision with previous version. These changes were made primarily for correctness of playing our game.

What's new in this release?

-Now we have a full interactive menu, so not only "start" option will work
-I think I removed all the errors that appear in the game (and certainly those that made it impossible to continue the game), like: punching when he's flying, unusual red's speed, red can't knock to the ground after punch when he's walking etc.
-I've changed background, (It's also too simple, but I think it looks better than the first one)
-Unactive Space bar ;]

And unfortunately that's all. I've spent too much time for trouble shooting, so I have an impression that this project didn't move forward. Although I began preliminary sketches of new (additional) characters, but the way to finishing and implementing of them is still long. Neverthless, this is what I would like to announce for next version of this game - 0.3



  1. Very cool. Nice work on the background too. Its simple, but the players stand out from it nicely. I did notice that when I defeated Red, that the "You Win" in the bottom right corner was cut in half.

  2. Hi, thanks!

    About half text:was it a one-off event? Unfortunately, I didn't see this issue, so could you send me a screenshot of it?

    1. Yeah. I'll try and get it for you tonight. It was like it scrolled weird. The bottom half of the text was above the top half (if that makes sense). Its pretty quick. It might be a good opportunity to try that video capture software you told me about. I'll send it to your email when I get it.