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Friday, September 7, 2012

External resources now available here!

On the right of the column news from today they are available the links to external resources. So far there is little information in that places, but I can promise that soon I will finish completing my Scirra forum's profile and adding pictures on DeviantArt.

On Youtube channel for now you can find a trailer for the game Johnny Dansing. For an own place in there are waiting various images that are currently put in various places in the internet and my computer and have no common adress. In turn, the Scirra's forum for me now the biggest place where I can derive inspirations and observing the indie games created by great artists in Construct. In this software, "Cubes'n Blocks" arised and new projects will be created here too, but there are waiting for me many other productions outside the Scirra's environment.

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